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Code Monkey Island is the most exciting educational board game in the world. It teaches kids how to use and master the fundamentals of computer science, and is played in thousands of homes, schools, libraries, and after school camps around the world. Order your copy today from Amazon and experience the excitement of code!

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How do I move monkeys out of the start circle?

Your first monkey always starts on the first tile outside of your start circle, but you should try to have as many monkeys out and about as possible!

You can move your other two monkeys out of the start circle at any time as well! On your turn, use one of the moves you earn from your Guide cards to move a monkey out of the circle. Then, use the rest of the moves to move that monkey forward.

Are the ranges on Guide cards inclusive?

Some Guide cards might say something like, "move between 3 and 8 spaces". For these cards, the range is inclusive, which means that you can move 3 or 8 spaces if you want!

What happens if a monkey lands on an occupied Quicksand tile?

Let's say we have two monkeys: Monkey A, and Monkey B.

When Monkey A lands on a Quicksand tile occupied by Monkey B, Monkey A gets stuck in that Quicksand tile, and Monkey B is knocked backwards to the nearest unoccupied Quicksand tile.

Where can I see gameplay of Code Monkey Island?

Here's a great video showing how to play Code Monkey Island, courtesy of our friends at educationaltechvideos.com

*Note: in the video, it's stated that when a monkey lands on a Boost in a Bottle tile, the boost can be used at any other Boost in a Bottle tile. This is incorrect! The boost that's earned can only be redeemed at the Boost in a Bottle tile that was originally landed upon.

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